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“Today i have been for a fantastic massage. my body feels like a feather after i left. Bao knows what she is doing. i would recomend it to everyone.thank you 🙏⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Nittaya Wright - Jul, 2022.

“I have just had the most marvellous massage with BAO she is fantastic, I have had a bad back for 9 years she is so helpful and really cares about getting you right I can highly recommend and will definitely be going again.”

Christine Gunning - May, 2022.

“Just had one of the most relaxing experiences having a hot stone massage by bao. Totally blissed out it was amazing! Thankyou so much bao I will be having more of them 🙏”

Sam - Jan, 2022.

“Excellent Thai massage. Felt so good afterwards and also booked my wife in for a session. Bao Therapy is brilliant and highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed.”

Maz - Dec, 2021.

“Just want to say thank you very much. I came with my husband and had my first Thai massage. I felt great after the session. Will be booking again.”

Mrs Begum - Dec, 2021.

“I hace regular monthly sessions with Boa eaxh time the treatment is better than before. I Tried the exfoliating massage this month and it was amazing I would defintaley recommend. Keep up the great work Bao”

Nasar - Dec, 2021.

“Today I received a wonderful exfoliating, Thai & hot stones massage from Bao. Simply wonderful treatment. Thank you Bao xx”

Pat Compton - Nov, 2021.

“Thank you Bao for a lovely exfoliation massage, my skin feels amazing so smooth. Its a shame I,m not going on holiday would be ideal to keep my tan! xx”

Sam - Nov, 2021.

“Another much needed Thai massage today thank you so much Bao! You have healing hands 🙏 ”

Sam Matthews - Oct, 2021.

“Bao is amazing. After being recommended by a friend both myself and my husband visited her. My husband had hurt his back and I had general aches and pains. She looks at the body as a whole finding out what is out of alignment and why the pain is showing in a certain area. My husband needed just a few sessions and he was sorted, whereas his doctor had simply prescribed painkillers. One amazing ( and lovely) lady with a huge amount of knowledge about anatomy and how the body works. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!”

Cassie - Aug, 2021.

“My back had gone. doctors told me it was a slipped disc. I was recommended to try Bao. 2 days later i was walking normally. been going ever since. I would recommend this small powerful lady 7 days a week. thank you 😁.”

Clive - Aug, 2021.

“I can highly recommend bao,I have been coming for a massage for about 3 years now ,she is very caring and knowledgeable and I feel totally relaxed afterwards.”

Michael - Jul, 2021.

“Best massage I’ve ever had! Absolutely recommend”

Julie - Jun, 2021.

“I just had a perfect massage, this was so good, I had mussels pain for weeks, and directly after massage I feel so much better. She is also so nice and friendly and so professional.”

Gha - Jun, 2021.

“Bao gives a great therapeutic massage. I have been going to her for a couple of years and she has really helped me with chronic and acute aches and pains. She has a lovely therapy room and she is welcoming and professional. I highly recommend her services whether for relaxation or for a specific ailment.”

Mercy - Jun, 2021.

“I have been going to Bao for a few years now , an exceptional therapist with excellent techniques. I am a keen hiker and cyclists and use Bao atleast once a month. Each massage is better the One before. All aches and pains removed . Please try for yourself, you will not find a better masseuse in Yorkshire.”

Nasar - Jun, 2021.

“I was recommended to Bao by a friend, I have been visiting for over 6 months and Bao is amazing at what she does. She explains everything thoroughly and recommends the best treatment for you. I have felt at my best since visiting Bao and I cannot recommend her enough.”

Kasim - Jun, 2021.

“Khun Pao, she has a very professional massage ability. She was able to solve my problem on the spot. after massage I felt my muscles relax and that part of the pain was gone. What a wonderful thing. Thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻”

Creamy - Jun, 2021.

“I have had many massages from Bao. I keep going back to her because she provides a seriously good massage. If I have problem areas she alleviates them. If I just need a relaxing work over to rejuvenate stiff and sore muscles she provides it. I can heartily recommend her.”

Kate Henshaw - May, 2021.

“Very good Thai massage Highly recommended”

Tanya - May, 2021.

“Bao thanks for excellent massage today, you helped with my back ache and I feel relaxed and have much less pain thank you so much Nick”

Nick - Apr, 2021.

“Bao Thai therapy has been one of the best choices I have made. I have gone there with backaches and that of other body parts and left feeling much better than I could imagine. I enjoy the serene environment, modest approach and professionalism.”

Lydia - Apr, 2021.

“Just wanted to leave a review Bao the massage that I had was authentic and excellent quality. The premises are clean and tidy. For sure I will be back again.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Suntharee Winstanley - Apr, 2021.

“Good and proper massage. My favorite in the UK.”

BO - Apr, 2021.

“Bao is amazing! I have had lower back pain and sciatica for years which were gradually reducing my mobility. I also have fibromyalgia which causes me pain and exhaustion all the time. Since starting massage therapy with Bao I have much better mobility and flexibility. I also have less pain and don't feel as tired as I did. I would highly recommend her! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”

Samantha - Apr, 2021.

“Very professional very clean and feel comfortable. Thank you Bao for a sorted out my lower back pain as I have had it for a long time. I feel a lots better. I'd highly recommended Bao Massage. Thank you”

Kipsy Day - Apr, 2021.

“I have been going to Bao regularly over recent years and recommend her highly to anyone I know who I think would benefit from her expertise and true care for sorting out aches and pains and even finding knots and areas of tension that you didn’t even know were there! She uses a variety of techniques to ensure you leave feeling so much better. Don’t be afraid of the unknown if you haven’t had a Thai massage before. Bao will listen to what you tell her and really wants to give the best possible experience and achieve the best results for you.”

Linda Ward - Apr, 2021.

“Had an amazing Thai massage from Bao today. As I am recovering from an ole stony it was good to get the body moving again as I had lost 5 stone in weight and was very weak. Bao made me feel very relaxed & comfortable and was very client focused. I used to get a message every month before my surgery and hope to start again. Bao is absolutely wonderful & I would highly recommend her & can’t wait till my next appointment with her.”

Taz Khusal - Apr, 2021.

“I’ve been going to bao for 3 years now once a month for full body Thai massage,s she uses various techniques, bamboo, hot stone all amazing! She gets right to the problem areas,I have postural issues which affect my neck and back, Bao loosens these particular areas for me , I always leave feeling like new women, blissfully relaxed, I wIll highly recommend this women to everyone you must experience Thai therapy. Can’t wait for bao to start back again next week !”

Sam Matthews - Apr, 2021.

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